Making the Surprise Video
WJRR Earth Day Birthday!
We will be playing WJRR’s Earth Day Birthday show on 4/12

FILTER at Rocklahoma!
Hello Melbourne, Australia!!! FILTER at Soundwave kickin’ ass!

“Surprise” Video Premiere on VEVO

Artist Direct Premieres Filter "Surprise" Lyric Video

We're playing Soundwave 2014

After a protracted saga they are finally confirmed! Industrial rock heavy weights and renowned for their stereophonic assault, FILTER have joined up.
Official "Surprise" Video Coming 2014
To all of our dedicated fans and supporters.
First of all we do want to thank you for being such loyal and supportive followers. We also are so appreciative that you were able to contribute to our in Indie Go Go Campaign. As many of you know we able to offer up some pretty cool perks for you guys and for the majority of you I believe for the most part we delivered what was promised. For some of you there have been some delays in getting out your specified packages. I know that you have emailed the website, the Indie Go Go email and contacted FB as well. So there has been some dialog about the delays. Some of you purchased perk packs that involved select items such as signed drum heads, signed drum sticks and some other key pieces that we have run out of. The demand for some of these perks was overwhelming and we just had no idea that we would move as many of them as we did. So this is both good and bad… good in the fact that you guys really wanted and supported this.. bad in that we just didn’t think we would sell that many! This coupled with the fact that we wanted to make sure that each piece was thoroughly authentic and signed properly. Soooooo…. What this all means is that we are behind in getting these last few perks out to you all. I want you all personally to know that the Filter Team is working diligently to get these to you all asap. We do apologize for the delays and we are doing everything we can to properly execute these packages as fast as we can. Again thank you for your support and we will continue to be the best band and organization we can for our fans. (I guess the good thing is you all liked us a little more than we thought!)

Please hang in there!

New limited edition t-shirt available in the Filter shop!
New limited edition t-shirt available in the Filter shop!

AND any order now through Monday will receive double entry in the Filter raffle - that's your chance to win a signed guitar, a signed drumhead, loads of merch, and more!

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"Surprise" Video Coming Soon
FILTER Taps Director GUS BLACK For "Surprise" Video READ MORE HERE
VIDEO CLIP: Filter On VOA's Border Crossings
The 30 minute interview / performance from June 7th that went out live on Voice of America's "Border Crossings" just posted to their website. The VOA audience has grown in the past year. They are now up to 173 million people in 60 countries (85.2M VOA Radio and 87.8M VOA TV). You can check it out below. 
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Amazon MP3 Selects Filter for Hits Feature
Amazon MP3 has selected The Sun Comes Out Tonight for their hits feature and is offering the album for a limited-time price of $5.99.

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"This is prejudice pure and simple," frontman Richard Patrick tells THR.
Filter drummer Jeff Fabb was denied entry to a Denver restaurant on Wednesday night because of his neck tattoos.

Following an Oct. 9 performance at The Summit, the band members went to join fans at Brothers Bar & Grill, a national chain based in LaCrosse, Wis., and Fabb was not allowed in because of his visible neck tattoos.

Filter frontman Richard Patrick, upon hearing that Fabb was turned away, turned his cell phone camera on the establishment and tried to gain entry.

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