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"Surprise (Audrey Napoleon Remix)" - Download and Stream now
EDM Sauce Premieres "Surprise (Audrey Napoleon Remix)"
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"Being at the forefront of EDM with the "surprise" remix was a big goal for us. So we decided to work with Audrey Napoleon. When she got done... And I heard it... It made my head MOVE!"  – Richard Patrick

"Audrey Napoleon's remix of 'Surprise', captures the essence and moodiness of the song, but takes it to a whole new level. She brings us into her world of beauty, darkness, and high energy, making this one of the most unique and unforgettable remixes to date. Literally gives me chills!"  – Jonny Radtke
SURPRISE -Tribute to mothers and their offspring! IN HONOR OF MOTHERS DAY
In honor of motherhood and all it's hardships and beauty, we're planning a FILTER video to celebrate the women that bring so much to our lives. We want pictures or videos of our fans with their moms and for all our FILTER fans that are moms, we want to see you with your kids.

BE CREATIVE! Maybe take the picture/vids at sunset or sunrise. Show your kids playing, hugs and kisses, or just you and your mom in your favorite place. Lip-synch the lyrics to Surprise, laugh, play and capture the essence of your lives.

Bright outdoor shots/videos that reflect spring or feature local landmarks from your part of the world are preferable.

Videos should be high definition, between 10-20 seconds in length and filmed in landscape mode. You may want to use "Hightail" or "We Transfer" to make sure they are uploaded at the highest quality.
Photos should be high resolution .jpeg format and should also be shot in landscape.

Submissions should be sent to 
Making the Surprise Video