FILTER has always been about defying expectations and making strong statements. Frontman / Mastermind, Richard Patrick has sounded off on many timely topics of late, none more powerful than the statement "Mother E" makes about anger and hate in people's hearts. "Mother E is the sound of what I call 'real life horror.' People that show up at a pre-school, movie theater or church firing a semi-automatic (to somehow silence the voices in their heads) scare me more than some movie monster. Real life horror is what makes me write many of FILTER's songs." Though "Mother E" isn't a single off the band's current album, CRAZY EYES, Patrick commissioned an epic video for the compelling track.

The haunting video was directed by Polish director Lukasz Pytlik. "When we first talked with Richard about making the video for 'Mother E,' I immediately saw the song's potential to tell a story that is not only brutal and unforgiving but also one that carries a message and is full of emotions," explains Pytlik. "When working on the script, I knew that I had to make it about a subject that I could relate to. As a history buff, I wanted to tell the story of what happened during WWII when the Russian army was supposed to be our ally and free Poland from the Germany's occupation. What happened was not what was supposed to. Many of the Russian soldiers, raped, mutiliated and even killed Polish women. That was our canvas for the rape & revenge story we tell in the video. BUT: is it truly happening or is it happening in someone's tormented mind? That's up to viewers to decide."

Patrick has been doing more than showing his disdain for The Chainsmokers' fake live performance on SNL and recounting Chris Cornell's influence on his life. He has worked on scoring of films like LAST RAMPAGE THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON and TRUE CRIME and is currently working on a record of a completely different genre - ambient music.

This fall will likely see the DVD/Album release of CRAZY EYES OF AMERICA - a recording done in 2016 of the band's powerful live show.

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Sunfest Music Festival - Downton West Palm Beach, FL
BUZZFEST Announcement!!
Rock to Recovery
6.6.16 "If There Were More Kids With Guitars, Maybe You Wouldn't End Up With 28 Dead Children"
Many know Richard Patrick as the only static member of the band Filter. Prior to the formation of Filter, Richard cut his teeth in a band called Nine Inch Nails. He also formed a band called Army of Anyone with Robert and Dean DeLeo [Stone Temple Pilots], and Ray Luzier [Korn, David Lee Roth]. Filter recently released their seventh record. Richard remains one of rock and roll's most outspoken frontmen and proves it in the following exclusive unfiltered interview.

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Filter: Crazy Eyes - Review
There's a moment in Filter's Crazy Eyes where things get uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that moment occurs within the first seconds on the very first track, "Mother E." If you're going to isolate the vocals you'd better have some pretty compelling lyrics, and here the album opens on Richard Patrick's repetitive and inexplicably aggressive whispering of the line "I've got my reasons/ And my reasons are sound." If you're whispering at all, wouldn't you be doing it gently? If not, you might as well be yelling-which is what Patrick does for the remainder of the track. It seems therefore that the aggressive whispers are meant to serve to add weight to the contrasting screams. But then, why so forced? He sounds like someone who's trying to sound crazy. It's the dramatic equivalent to the villain who explains the plot to his victims. Welcome to Crazy Eyes. It's a bad start to an otherwise good record-so we'll get over it.

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Filter: Crazy Eyes - MIRP Album Review
Multi-platinum rockers Filter drop their latest, Crazy Eyes in April on Wind-up Records. Buzz has been circulating recently not just for the album, which is their 7th studio full-length release, but also for the video "Take Me To Heaven." With sold out shows on their headlining Make America Hate Again Tour with Orgy, the band has certainly been rocking the boat. The Single, "Take Me To Heaven" debuted at #2 on New and Active radio charts and has been being added by many stations since. The band takes a more industrial, less guitar focused turn on this record without losing their edge or authenticity.

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TVD Live Shots: Filter with Orgy at the Howard Theatre, 5/4

Nailing a thrilling performance to an enthusiastic crowd, frontman Richard Patrick is no stranger to delivering a pummeling round of songs to his diehard fans. Patrick, after leaving Nine Inch Nails as their tour guitarist, co-founded Filter with Brian Liesegang in 1993 and has racked up multi-platinum records since.

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Industrial rock idols Filter returned to the Gramercy Theater in New York City Tuesday night to throttle the crowd with its unconventional synthesis of electronic, atmospheric and hard rock music. Blending shapes and sounds discordant and melodic, Filter fueled the air with an innovative harmony of bombast and cacophony kitted out with guitars, drums, keyboards and Macbook thaumaturgy. The pulsing bass and sonorous drums invigorated the crowd so much that, at times, the floor of the 80 year-old venue started to buckle.

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Bogner Amps - FILTER rehearsal with Oumi Kapila and Ecstasy and Twin Jet
RICHARD Patrick unFILTERed on
New Song Premiere: FILTER's 'Mother E'

"Mother E", a brand new song from FILTER, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's seventh studio album, "Crazy Eyes", which will be released on April 8 via Wind-Up Records. The follow-up to 2013's "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" was produced by FILTER founder, singer and guitarist Richard Patrick.
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Alternative Nation Interview
"I recently conducted an interview with Filter frontman Richard Patrick for Alternative Nation at the listening party in New York for Filter’s 7th studio album, Crazy Eyes, set for release on April 8, 2016. We will be publishing this interview in parts as separate news articles, and in this article Patrick discusses what he believes killed late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, and the future of Army of Anyone, his supergroup with STP’s DeLeo brothers."

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Huffington Post Interview

"During the course of an interview, which will "air" later this month, Filter frontman Richard Patrick answered and delivered with portions of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Davie Bowie's "BlackStar." A new Filter album - Crazy Eyes - is on its way this spring, and our full interview with Patrick will tackle that as well as his thoughts on the deaths of Scott Weiland and David Bowie. Keep an eye out for that, but for now, here's just a sample"
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Filter It's Just You Official Video SOTS

Here's the Official video for Filter's "It's Just You," created for the 6th Annual Stars of the Season. The charity event raised money for the establishment of building Sophie's Place inside Cardon Children's Medical Center with the support of the Forever Young Foundation. This year's Stars of the Season event went down in history as it raised the largest amount since it's inception six years ago. Over $525,000.00 was raised in one night, in less than 3 hours. Special thanks to all the patients, staff, crew, and the especially, the Filter Family. Directed by / David Kinsler for Wind Up Records, Filter and the Stars of the Season 2015.
FILTER annouce "Make America Hate Again" Tour with Orgy, Vampires Everywhere and Death Valley High.
We're hitting the road for a big headline tour we're calling the Make America Hate Again Tour. We're taking Orgy, Vampires Everywhere and Death Valley High with us. Check out the full dates below and on our tour page!
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New Single "Take Me to Heaven" is out Now!
Our single “Take Me to Heaven” is out now! Pick up your copy on iTunes now or listen to it on Apple Music!

Billboard exclusive: Get the scoop on our new album 'Crazy Eyes' and listen to the first single "Take Me To Heaven."
Industrial rock band Filter will release its seventh studio album, Crazy Eyes, on April 8 on Wind-up Records. Produced by frontman Richard Patrick, the album is the follow-up to 2013’s The Sun Comes Out Tonight.

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