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    Check out Richard Patrick's music in the “Edge of Fear” now on Netflix! Link in bio. #netflix #edgeoffear #movie #music #RichardPatrick #RobertPatrick
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    @filter_richard_patrick and I, @brianliesegang request in all earnest respect that you please vote and demonstrate your efficacy in the important times. Thank you, love you, and want the best for everyone.
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    We are re-releasing Short Bus on vinyl! Pre-order your copy before they run out at the link in the bio!
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    Ok.  It’s been a long time coming.  www.officialfilter.com The last two two weeks, @alleymaerki and I have been working on rebooting/completely reworking the official filter website under the auspices of what @filter_richard_patrick and I thought was the best foot forward for defining what the band is, has been, and will BE. It’s still a work in progress, and there is some nip and tuck work, but it should be adaptive to all platforms/browsers, etc whether mobile/tablet/laptop/browser, whatever. Sorry that it has taken since 2008 to kick start this into now…  but this will be the official source of FILTER information going forward, and will be adaptive to the different decisions, and the voice and vision of the band. We thank you sincerely for caring… and we want your input, and solicit it as we want a site that is communicative with our people, and represents our intent as artists. Again, this is “work in progress”, and will be changing as we continue to hone it in.  So we welcome any feedback or if you come across any issues. (If you do, please send an email to alleymaerki@gmail.com). We have a lot of big plans.  There is a shit storm coming.  Get ready, and we want you to be a part of it. xo, Brian Liesegang
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    We’ve added some new items to our @pledgemusic campaign! Head over to the link in the bio to check them out! #filter2018 #filterReBus #reBus
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    #tbt Filter live in Hollywood, CA // Original co-founders, @filter_richard_patrick and @brianliesegang are currently making a new album! Pre-order now at the link in the bio! #filter2018 #reBus #filterReBus
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    Don’t miss any exclusive updates! Head over to the link in the bio to gain access! #FILTERreBus #reBus #filter2018 @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang @roland_us @bossfx_us @bluemicrophones
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    Filter had an amazing photo shoot with photographer @kidmastro and we are giving anyone that’s Pledged a sneak peak behind the scenes video! Head over to the link in the bio and make sure to Pledge so you get access to the video and the upcoming photos! #reBus #filter2018 @bossfx_us @roland_us @bluemicrophones @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang
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    #tbt Filter co-founders, Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang have once again joined forces to release a new Filter album! Pre-order now at the link in the bio! #reBus #filter2018 @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang @roland_us @bossfx_us @bluemicrophones
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    New music preview! And did you know you get a digital download of the new album with EVERY pre-order? Check out the link in the bio! #reBus #filter2018 @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang @roland_us @bossfx_us @bluemicrophones
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    Don’t miss out on EXCLUSIVE Filter updates! Head over to the link in the bio or pledgemusic.com/filter #reBus #filter2018 @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang @roland_us @bossfx_us @bluemicrophones
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    The only way is the right way! No record company only you!! Pre-order now, check the link in the bio! @pledgemusic @roland_us @bossfx_us @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang #reBus #filter2018