Remixes for the Damned
1. What's Next (The Art Of Lying To Your...
2. The Take (Rumsfeld Torture Party)
3. I Keep Flowers Around (Love's Labour's Lost)
4. What's Next (Blood and Sand)
5. Soldiers Of Misfortune (Justin Eyerly)
6. In Dreams (Chase The White Rabbit Into Pakistan)
7. Kill The Day (Drunken Forgive Mes)
8. Cold (Desert Sky)
9. Soldiers Of Misfortune (10 Hits Of X In Baghdad)
10. The Take (Declanator)
11. Kill The Day (Gonzo In The Club)
12. Soldiers Of Misfortune (Turning Blood Into Oil)
13. Kill The Day (Wired Sunset)
14. Only You (Stripped)
15. Lie After Lie (Stripped)
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