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    It’s starts with a Blue “hummingbird” Microphone into a Neeve Preamp to a EL8 Distressor then and SSL-4000 E. #filter2019
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    Back at home base!! #filter2019 #FILTERreBus @filter_richard_patrick
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    Make sure you check out our MERCH! Links in the bio!! #Filter2019 #merchandise #ConcertTees #FilterGear
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    The full details of our trip to El Paso. Links in the BIO.
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    FILTER(ED) IN TEXAS Speaking Rock Casino in El Paso, TX, the Tigua Tribe’s Casino / Resort / Music Venue has cancelled tonight’s FILTER show, due to a humorous Facebook post written by vocalist, Richard Patrick, and the band’s plans to use the American flag turned upside down in their background video on stage. The “offending” post, which included a short video of the band soundchecking at the venue: This is sound check!! We’re Playing El Paso!!! Get here later and it will be packed!! A lot of Trump bashing! Does anyone know Beto?? Bring Beto! The band was told the venue “didn’t like” the post and that they were getting threatening phone calls and bomb threats from Texans who didn’t like it either. The tour manager was in the green room and woke up from a pre-show nap to 30 yellow-shirted security guards and the General Manager shouting expletives and telling the band they were not welcome at the venue. "The First Amendment does not exist in this Casino. Get the f@*k out," they said. Management also told Patrick that it was illegal to display the flag upside down in their video. The law to which they might refer is Title 4, US Code “(a) The flag should never be displayed with union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” Patrick explains “This is a dire emergency! This country is totally jacked up!! This is my right to artistic expression. If they are going to tell me that I am un-American for saying that about the President, I’d ask them if they have been to Iraq or Afghanistan. I have been over there and love and respect the job that our troops are doing over there – fighting to ensure our rights to say what we like. As a matter of fact - I was asked recently what FILTER stands for and THIS IS IT - our freedom of expression!” In addition to the First Amendment, The Texas Constitution, in Article I, sections 8 and 27 protects the “liberty to speak, write or publish … opinions on any subject.” You have the right to express your views in these ways regardless of how unpopular or controversial they may be. #firstamendment #gop #filter2019 #america
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    #Repost @craftrecordings with @get_repost ・・・ The e-album version of @officialfilter’s Short Bus is here! It features six bonus remixes and B-sides from the Short Bus era. Ben Grosse, who mixed Short Bus, also produced “Dose (Ben Grosse’s Morning After Mix),” and all remixes of “Hey Man Nice Shot” were produced by famed songwriters and producers the Dust Brothers, whose previous work includes the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique and @beck’s Odelay. These bonus tracks were featured on the original 1995 CD and vinyl singles.
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    Hell yeah!!! 99% to our goal but still not there!! Pre-order the new album reBus!! #FILTERreBus #reBus LINKS IN THE BIO!!!!!!!
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    Links in the BIO!!! #FILTERreBus
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    #thousandoaksstrong #massshootings #wildfires
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    We are at 97% and we’re now going for 200%! Help us get there by heading to the link in the bio and sharing with your friends. A lot of cool things in the works that you won’t want to miss! #filterReBus #rebus #filter2018 @filter_richard_patrick @brianliesegang
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    Check out Richard Patrick's music in the “Edge of Fear” now on Netflix! Link in bio. #netflix #edgeoffear #movie #music #RichardPatrick #RobertPatrick